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Headteacher's Welcome

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Chameleon Academy was founded by Kendy J. Edmonds "The Communication Lady." Kendy has over 25 years of communications experience. Her love of communication started early in high school where she won several state championships in oral speech competitions. She later went on to be a teaching assistant in communications while attending Michigan State University for her undergraduate degree. Kendy received a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Michigan State University. She later went on to hold several management positions in Marketing and Sales. She has held such titles as Regional District Manager, Marketing Manager, and Sales Director. Kendy has spent her entire career in roles that required her to possess stellar communication skills. She has been required to communicate effectively at all times, while also being able to adapt her messaging to her target audience. She has, in fact, had to be a "chameleon" and learn to tailor her communication to her audience. She has been tasked with communicating with all levels of people from C-Suite positions to Dignitaries. Additionally, she spent several years communicating with Diplomats and Ambassadors of countries in one of her many management roles.


In addition to her love of communication, Kendy also shared an affinity for social graces. This love of social graces also began early through her experience attending modeling school in her home state of Michigan. She later went on to be a modeling instructor at Barbizon teaching young girls runway modeling techniques, personal image skills, makeup application, and social graces.  Kendy decided to couple her love of social graces and communication by founding Chameleon Academy. Kendy realized that the art of social graces and communicating effectively was something she was privy to due to her upbringing and her purposeful quest for knowledge in these areas. Kendy has also been fortunate to have a wide range of life experiences. Living in different geographical areas and being exposed to a variety of settings forced Kendy to learn to effectively communicate amongst a diverse group of settings and people. She learned to adapt to her environment and she attributes this skill as a key component to her success. Kendy realized that this isn't everyone's experience as the world of social graces or effective communication isn't common knowledge. Due to years of experience, Kendy has been able to cultivate her craft of communication and social graces to a level that can now be shared with others. In addition to her experience, Kendy also holds a Master of Science in Communication. Additionally, she holds her C.E.C. designation as a Certified Etiquette Consultant. Chameleon Marketing and Communication is also the brainchild of Kendy. Through Chameleon Marketing and Communication she offers her clients integrated marketing consulting. 


The founding of Chameleon Academy allows Kendy to impart this knowledge of communication and social graces to others. She also has extensive experience working in marketing in the field of mental health where she consistently trained church leaders, police officers, and school officials on mental health topics. This experience led to the disability training that she now offers at Chameleon Academy. The majority of the classes are taught by Kendy, however, she does have other trainers she partners with for her "adjunct" classes.


Kendy is a Communications Trainer, an Etiquette Consultant, and most recently the author of the "How to Eat a Burger" workbook series. 

Kendy J. Edmonds 

 Adjunct Instructors Coming Soon...

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