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Scouts Manners Class

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Chameleon Academy is pleased to announce our Scouts Manners Class!

Chameleon Academy is pleased to announce our Manners course now offered to Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. This class is offered to Girl Scout Troops and Boy Scout Troops at a discounted price. The course offers a 45 minute training that can help Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts qualify for their Manners Badge.

“No one is YOU and that is your super power.”

Why our Manner Class?

Manners classes are a great way to tune into the positive characteristics that set you apart while also learning how to build upon your strengths.

Our Manners Class workshop for Scouts includes information on personal appearance, grooming, tidiness, self esteem and traditional American manners. It's a crash course that can be tailored to the age group of your Troop. This class can also be offered in a weekly workshop format.

If you are interested in a workshop please contact us at 312-319-4040 for more information.

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