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Valentine's Day Etiquette: Show Your Love with Class

It's that time of year again! February always reminds us to embark upon a journey of celebrating love on Valentine's Day. This holiday has evolved from just romantic celebrations to now spinoffs like Galentine's Day and even the recognition of self-love. No matter how you celebrate, the day can be a fun way to remind yourself that love exists all around us in many forms.

However you choose to celebrate, your Valentine's Day festivities may go smoother if you remember the following etiquette suggestions.

  1. Keep your plans - Did you ask someone out on Valentines day? Or, maybe you were the recipient of an invite. Whether you did the inviting or if you were the invitee, provide ample notice of your intentions. If you did the asking provide your guests the details of your plans no later than seven days in advance. You need to have all the details ironed out by then so you can give your guests time to prepare for this day. Depending on where you are going, grooming appointments may need to be made. You will also need to let your guests know how to dress for the occasion just in case they need to purchase something. Lastly, if you are the invitee confirm or decline your invite within the seven day time frame as well.

  2. Dress for the occasion - If you are unsure of what is acceptable dress call the venue or ask the person that will be accompanying you. It can typically help to do both to make sure you aren't over or underdressed in comparison to your companion.

  3. Be generous - This is the day to show how much your care about others or even yourself. Take out time to do something thoughtful or meaningful. This day isn't always about how much money is spent. It's also about being creative in showing how much someone means to you or what you mean to yourself. Don't skimp on today. Find creative ways to show your love.

  4. Be on time - Being late can ruin any wonderfully planned evening. Don't be this person. Show up on time to your plans. Early is even better. If you are a procastinator or a person who is habitually late, plan to be ready an hour earlier than planned.

  5. Be gracious - Not only is this a time to show love, but it is also the perfect opportunity to be gracious. It's easy to get caught up in your expectations for how you envisioned Valentine's Day should be for you. No matter what happens, before reacting, begin with grace and reflect on the positive aspects of this day.

What are your thoughts? Any etiquette rules you feel should be added to this list? Tell us below in the comments. Oh, and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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