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Traveling Domestic First Class? Use Your Manners

Traveling can be a headache. Checking your bags, getting through TSA and walking to your gate can be a significant challenge depending on a number of scenarios. Even waiting in line at the gate and later climbing over other passengers to load your belongings into the overhead bin can be anything other than pleasurable. To alleviate exhaustion and make the trip run a little smoother some travelers will opt for traveling First or Business Class. These tickets come with priority check-in, increased checked bags and of course first class seating and service. Whether travelers pay to be upgraded, use their rewards to upgrade or are one of the lucky few who are bumped to first class seating, the experience can ease a lot of traveling woes.

First class seating, however, doesn't always translate to first class manners being displayed by your fellow passengers. In order to avoid ruining this memorable experience for others keep the following tips in mind:

  1. As most domestic first class seating has only one other passenger next to you be careful to not infringe on the space of your seatmate. If the under seat storage in front of you has a middle compartment, don't just hog it for yourself. Make sure you leave enough room for your seatmate to store extra belongings if needed as well.

  2. Keep your noise level to a minimum. Make sure you use headphones as to not disturb your seatmate with music, movies or other media you may be using while inflight.

  3. Don't reach over your seatmate when being served. Wait for the flight attendant to reach over the passenger while serving your food or drinks before reaching for the items. Only reach when you see the flight attendant has extended their reach as far as they can.

  4. Ask to use coat hanging service at the beginning of the flight. Ask to have your coat hung up upon entering or once you have found your seat. This avoids a scenario where you will have to pass your coat over your seatmate if you have a window seat.

This list only scratches the surface of manners required in first class. It's always good to know in advance prior to taking your flight. Interested in learning more? Feel free to sign up for one of our individual Business Etiquette classes. We would love to help you be on your best-in-class behavior while you're flying first class!

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