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2022 City of Chicago and Cook County COVID restrictions

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

As many of you are aware, the City of Chicago and Cook County have implemented vaccine mandates for indoor dining, entertainment and fitness facilities. This will only affect our dining classes which are sometimes held in restaurants. In an effort to increase safety and participation, we will be transitioning several of our dining classes to locations outside of restaurants. Additionally, we will be offering the opportunity to have an instructional only session without food at a discounted rate.

For Cook County classes, we will require that all participants of dining classes involving food are masked prior to dining, fully vaccinated and that a recent COVID antigen test is presented prior to the beginning of dining class. In counties where this mandate is in effect we will make sure that our staff is either fully vaccinated, or for staff that have religious or medical exemptions, we are requiring a COVID antigen test be taken prior to the instruction of any in person classes. This restriction only applies to our dining classes. All other classes will require that participants remain masked during the entirety of the class regardless of the location of the class.

Please note that these changes are being implemented to ensure the safety of our participants and to ensure we are compliant with local government mandates. If there are any questions regarding these guidelines please email us a

Thanks for your cooperation and help in working together to keep us all safe.

Chameleon Academy

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