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Holiday Manners Do's and Don'ts

The 2023 holiday season is finally here, so let's make good manners a top priority! However you choose to spend the holidays, alone or with loved ones, good manners can brighten spirits. Here are a few do's and don'ts to help you have a cheery and mishap free holiday season.

  1. Send out holiday party invites early - The holiday season is busy for most. Sending out late holiday invites is a way to ensure chaos ensues for yourself and the recipient. Send out invites for holiday gatherings no later than the first or second weekend of December to allow enough time for planning and receipt of RSVPs.

  2. Think of your neighbors when putting up holiday decorations - The reality is that everyone doesn't celebrate the holidays the same or even at all. Sure you may filled with joy as the holidays bring excitement for most. However, don't let your attempt to engage in jubilee ruin the season for others. Decorate until your heart is content but make ensure the following doesn't occur: 1) lighting shouldn't keep you neighbor awake at night. 2) Holiday music should be at accept levels and within city, village or township Quiet Hours parameters. 3) Make sure decorations are neat and cohesive.

  3. Show up to holiday events on time - There is nothing worst than spending all day cooking or preparing for a holiday event just to find out you can't eat when you arrive due to late guests. Most people are rushing on holidays and starving by dinner time. Avoid making the hosts and guests "hangry" by being respectful of other's time.

  4. Avoid rude and embarrassing conversations - Whether someone has put on a few pounds or broken an arm, avoid making jokes out of these changes. You never know how sensitive someone is about a life change. You can express that you've noted the change but all communication should remain positive. Also, do not joke in these scenarios unless you are invited to joke by the recipient. Even then tread lightly.

  5. For those in shared living spaces do not decorate for others - This may seem like common knowledge but some people are so filled with jubilee they can't help but go overboard. Being in a shared living space can be intrusive enough let alone having to deal with a neighbor who wants to put their own decorations in common spaces. Some even go as far as decorating neighbors doors without asking. DO NOT do this. You can't assume everyone celebrates the holidays in the same manner you do. Also you are essentially taking away their right to celebrate and decorate as they choose. You can certainly ask but sometimes its just best to keep you decorations in the area where you reside.

These are just a few tips to keep spirits high during the holiday. Please share any thoughts or tips you have and Happy Holidays!

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