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Does Your Boss Have Bad Manners?

Dealing with a boss who has less than stellar business etiquette can be frustrating. Unfortunately many people find themselves under poor leadership. This happens all too often because employers increasingly promote good workers vs. good leaders. Additionally, the barometer of acceptable corporate etiquette can vary based on corporate culture. Despite all these variables, it can still be hard to navigate a workplace that forces you to deal with poor behavior from a superior. It can also leave you questioning if you are overreacting and simply need to do more to fit in.

If you're wondering if you are the unlucky winner of a boss with bad manners, feel free to use the following list as reference:

Bad manners #1 - Your boss overtalks you in meetings. This is a clear indicator that your boss not only has bad manners but also lacks professionalism.

Bad manners # 2 - Your boss passes off your work as their great idea. This isn't only bad manners but it's a great way to lose a good employee. It shows that your boss is only looking out for themselves and may signal that you should look for other opportunities.

Bad manners #3 - Your boss volunteers you for random assignments without asking. This is very bad manners and disrespectful. Your boss shouldn't recommend you for work that is outside of your purview without at least checking in with you first.

Bad manners #4 - Your boss talks about other colleagues negatively in team meetings. This is horrible etiquette that unfortunately isn't common knowledge. Avoid thinking of this as your bosses way of connecting with you. If you boss talks about your colleagues to you they will also talk your colleagues about you.

Bad manners #5 - Your boss ridicules your colleagues for making mistakes. No one is perfect. If your boss can't handle human error diplomatically they don't need to be in a leadership role.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with this list?

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