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Good Manners Are Still In Style

We live in a very interesting time. It seems everywhere we turn disrespect and uncivil behavior are simply running amok. It's almost as if the world celebrates this behavior and encourages it. We see celebrities and notable people in the public eye given tremendous accolades based on their ability to disregard civil traditions and encourage unrest. This celebratory behavior has become a breeding ground for impressional youth and adults to participate and seek out this behavior for social approval. We consistently see people jumping on the bandwagon to suffice their thirst for societal validation. Additionally, not only are people celebrated, but the more they discourage civility the more their platform continues to widen.

What are those who approve of civility, manners, and proper communication supposed to do in today's world? It almost seems as if it is no longer trendy. As if it is simply out of style. At Chameleon Academy we absolutely feel that not only is civility still in style, but it is also very much needed. We encourage you to use manners and civility in as many situations a possible. We believe that civility facilitates a significantly more peaceful existence. Civility can defuse a contentious situation and the lack of it can escalate it.

What does our future hold in America? What is the future of the world without civility? Without civility in our society, it's very possible that our fate may very well be marred. However, Chameleon Academy is still going strong and will continue to contribute as much as possible to the support and education of civil behavior. The more people welcome civil behavior instead of disregarding it for Instagram likes, the more we can start to come together on one accord.

- Chameleon Academy of Communication and Civility

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