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Sign Your Kids Up for a Virtual Manners Series this Summer

Are you having a hard time pulling your kids away from technology? Why not sign your kids up for something constructive they can do anywhere. Whether you're just busy or have a ton of family trips planned, our virtual 4 week manners class can help you optimize your kid's summer vacation.

The 4-week virtual manners series will cover introductions, conversations, public speaking, confidence, traditional manners and a touch of dining etiquette. It can be held individually or during one of the two series we will offer this summer based on enrollment. Our first series will begin during the month of July on Saturday mornings. Each class will be an hour long.

We will send out more information about registering for this class beginning the end of May and through June. The class will be an individual or group option depending on registrations. This class will also be instructional only with self-directed activities between each class.

If you're interested in more information about this virtual class please either email us at or call us at 312-319-4040.

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