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What Can You Learn in a Petiquette Class?

When we speak of manners classes for pets most people are in agreeance that pets need manners and behavioral training. However, did you know pet parents can benefit from a manners class as well. Here are a few reasons you as a pet parent would benefit from a pet parent manners class.

  1. Learn to navigate the social graces of pet parenting - Adopting a pet and enrolling them in manners classes isn't really where the manners training should end. Pet parents need to also learn how to respect those around them when their pet is present.

  2. Understand behavior that may be deemed offensive - As much as we love our pets others may not be as accepting. A Petiquette class can make you more aware of actions that may come across as offensive to others.

  3. Add an additional layer to your pet's manners training - Having a better grasp of the manners you need as a pet parent, will help your pet have a better understanding of socially acceptable behaviors.

Interested in learning more? Register for our new Petiquette class today or email us at to learn more.

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