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Why You Need a Manners Class?

When most people think of manners they revert to please and thank you. The world of manners is vast. There is a wealth of manners that are useful in almost every circumstance you can fathom. There are so many nuances to manners and social etiquette that there are very little instances where you won't learn something new.

Additionally, most manners class offerings have a variety of topics. At Chameleon we have a range of classes from traditional manners classes to our featured classes like Bridal Etiquette and Act Like a Lady. We are always adding to our classes and continue to update our manners classes based on what is socially acceptable in current settings. It is a rarity that class attendees don't leave our classes with newly acquired information.

You can't go wrong with attending a manners class. In order to stay current it is good to attend them regularly as rules are consistently changing. Chameleon Academy also strives to make our manners classes much more accessible through our virtual and on-location options.

If you are interested in learning more or booking a manners class today contact Chameleon Academy at

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