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10 Best Practices for Home Party Etiquette

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Wonder what it takes to be a great host at your next home party? .

Hosting a party in your home can be a fun adventure. You are hosting an event in an environment that is sacred to you, your home. It is therefore always a honor to have someone invite you to their home for dinner, brunch or any occasion. It is expected that they remain on their best behavior and respectful of your home. However, it is also your responsibility as the host to provide a welcoming and thoughtful environment. Here are a few tips to prepare for your next home party.

“The focus of entertaining is impressing others. The focus of true hospitality is serving others”. - Tim Chester, A Meal with Jesus.

Tips for Being a Great Host!

1. Be considerate at all times

2. Make sure you are tending to all your guest's needs.

3. Make sure your home is clean and inviting.

4. Make sure you have enough food and appetizers for the number of guests you invited.

5. Have a place for your guests to store their coats.

6, Make sure you introduce guests to each other.

7. Make sure you are engaging with all your guests.

8. Have a variety of drinks available.

9. Consider games to keep guests engaged. Know your crowd.

10. Make sure your guests are aware of the time the event ends in advance.


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